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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

love this lyric...


I know I'm just no one. I know it can't be possible.
There's no hope for me, no matter what.
Since you have nothing to do with me.
No matter how hard I've tried, you'd never love me.
And soon, all my hopes will be faded away.

But now I still have some time for finding some good reasons
to hold you back to me. But deep down I know it's hopeless.

Even if I love you this much,
but it's just meaningless to you.
I'd just been hoping too much that someday you'd love me too.
Despite the fact that it's impossible, and I'm not the one, it's still okay.
Let me just keep you in my heart till the time ends.

Even everything that I've got can never make you happy.
And worse it would annoy you.
But please hear me out just one time.
This one last song that I'm willing to give it to you.
It came from the bottom of my heart, and it's only for you.

Don't know how long will it take for me to erase you from my mind.
Don't know when will I be able to love again.

Since I'm not the one for you.
It's okay, as long as I'm still breathing.
I will love you forever.

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